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Halloween Ghost Stories

Not up for a game, then print out and read some of these very scary Halloween ghost stories. Some ghost stories are real and others are not, can you tell? Well dim the lights, grab a flashlight, sit in a circle and start sharing your ghost stories, if you dare.

Happy Halloween
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Printable Halloween Games

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The Fireplace Girl
by Kara M.

A long time ago, when women and children were just starting to come to the colonies in America, an 8 year old named Sara moved to Jamestown with her mother and father. They were very rich and lived in a huge house with a fireplace in every room. 

One night Sara was woken up around midnight by sounds coming from downstairs. She thought it was one of her parents, because they often stayed up late. She called out to them but she got no answer. Then she heard an unfamilar voice say "The girl. We forgot about her. We got the parents but not the girl." Sara was really scared because she understood enough about what the
voice had said to know that her parents were hurt. 

So she ran to her fireplace and crawled up the chimney to hide. She stayed there for at least 3 hours, all the while whimpering "oh my mama, oh my papa" Finally, after she felt it was safe to to come out, she slid out of the fireplace and ran to her parents' room. But when she got to their door, she found she was to frightened
to go in. So she searched the rest of the house for clues as to who the voice belonged to. But she found nothing. In fact, the only thing wrong with the house
was that several things were missing, but Sara didn't care. She knew that she had to go up to her parents' room now, and she did. 

She ran into the room and over to the bed. Sara pulled the sheets back, screamed in terror and fell to the floor. When a family friend found the two adults and the child, all three were dead. The parents' bodies were horribly mangled but little Sara appeared to have nothing wrong with her, she was just dead. 

The family was buried in the cemetery up the road. No one was ever convicted for murdering the family, and the case is still open, although they know that the murderers are long dead. But Sara doesn't seem to know that. Because every
night, from midnight till three, the time she spent in the fireplace, she walks from the cemetery to the place where her house used to be, looking for the
people who murdered her parents. 

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