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Halloween Fun

Halloween Costume Trophy
Halloween Costume Trophy Having a costume party? Check out several Halloween trophies including our favorite the skeleton award!

Halloween Pinatas
Halloween PinatasGetting the Halloween candy is more fun with a Pinata! Choose from Witch, Frankenstein and other Halloween themed pinatas.

Spooky Halloween Foggers
Spooky Halloween FoggersSet an eerie mood with Halloween foggers - Check out Zombie foggers, tombstone, bubble foggers and classic fog machines.

Toilet Monster
Toilet MosterWhat a scare they will have when they visit your bathroom. This scary critter is sure to make someone think twice about using the bathroom.

Bizarre Halloween Stuff
We discovered
Fake Tattoo Sleaves
Haunted Photos
Gummy Hearts and Gross Candy

Halloween Costumes
Find Halloween Costumes Ideas for adult costumes and kids costumes. Most popular costumes and do it yourself Halloween costumes. Plus makeup & accessories.
Halloween Decorations
Looking for life sized skeletons, fog machines, room scenes or not quite sure what you are looking for then check out these Halloween decorations.
Scary Halloween Music
Put a real scary on your friends with Halloween music sure to get them moving.
Personalized Halloween Clothing
Personalized Halloween Clothing
Personalized Halloween sweatshirts and t-shirts are fun for the whole family, select from lots of unique styles.

Halloween Games

Here is a mix of Halloween party games for adults and kids including scavenger hunts and the Story of Tragic Sam - the body parts story. These are fun Halloween games that should keep everyone entertained.

Happy Halloween
Printable Halloween Games
Printable Halloween Games

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Halloween Games
The Halloween Story Game
Each year we have a huge Halloween party for our kids, one year, we sent the beginning of a ghoulish story in with the invitation and the party guests had to finish the story. We read all the endings at the party and then voted on for the best, weirdest, and scariest. I still have the ones the kids did and love to reread them at Halloween. Even though its been 20 years. Hope this will help others out there have a spooky Halloween. Thanks - Judy - Vernon, NY
Rolling Pumpkins Relay
Line up into 2 teams. The first person passes the pumpkin over his/her head to the next person in line. The next person passes the pumpkin under his/her legs to the next person, and so on. When you get to the end of the line the last person runs up to the front and starts it all over again. Whoever has the first person that was in line at the beginning of the game in the back of the line WINS.
Thanks- Lara, NC
Halloween Scavenger Hunt
Hide Halloween related objects in different places where ever you are having the party. Then give the kids a sheet of paper to write down Halloween objects that they find (or if you have enough objects they can collect them). Whoever finds (or collects) the most stuff you hid, wins a prize. Be sure to list everything you hid, so you can verify what you hid. Thanks- Shawna, New Oxford - PA

Adult - Costume Scavenger Hunt
Create two or three teams depending on how many participate in the costume scavenger hunt. Each team will a video camera to record the scavenger hunt and they get 2 hours (can be adjusted) to complete various tasks and get select items. 
Here are some task ideas: 
Go to a video rental store and find out what year the the movie Halloween was made. 
Go to a grave yard and find a specific name on a tomb stone. 
Take a video with a Taxi or bus driver. 
Find a cop in a donut shop and get a video with him. 
Go to a grocery store find out how much a specific item costs. 
Go to a bar find out how many brands of beer they serve. 
Find a stranger who will let you wrap them up in toilet paper like a mummy extra points if they along with the team sings the Monster Mash on video. And so on...

When the teams get back we have the most fun watching the videos, especially the people who came to the party that didn't go out on the Scavenger hunt!
Thanks - Brian - Cleveland

Printable Halloween Games
The Story of Tragic Sam
Dim the lights or use a candle or have guests close their eyes (but it makes it hard to write) before beginning your story, the goal is that you guests will Create a story about Tragic Sam who apparently died in an accident and the CSI (Crime Scene Investigators) need your help to identify the remains found at the scene. The CSI team has placed what they found of what they believe Sam in these.

Rumors on the street are that Tragic Sam faked his own death, but we are not so sure, so we are going to have you investigate the remains so we can solve this mystery. 

Now pass them around and tell people to put their hands in the bag and write down what they think the item actually is, NO PEEKING! 
Think is believed to be Sam’s brain – (cooked spaghetti or cooked cauliflower)
His heart (peeled tomato)
His eyes (peeled grapes)
We found his teeth scattered around the floor (un-popped popcorn)
His fingers (baby carrots)
His liver (slice Spam in a weird shape) 

Check other stories for other ideas.

When you are done you can have your guests turn in their answers and score who did the best. The one with the most right wins. Basically, you can make the story as gross as you want or tame.
Thanks, Abbey (And Party Game Ideas)

Check out another Scary Halloween Limrick Story that involves food too!

Halloween Adult Games
Having adults coming to the party. Consider playing a Halloween trivia game, for singles maybe a haunted dating game, couples how about a Halloween newlywed game. Research and create questions about Halloween, scary movies, or questions about what frightens your guests.
Thanks - Jim - Tampa, FL

Bobbing for Eyeballs
Instead of bobbing for apples, try bobbing for eyeballs. Buy white plastic ping pong balls and decorate like eyeballs. Play the game just like bobbing for apples.
Thanks - Terry - North Carolina

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