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Halloween Costumes
Witches, Ghosts, Pirates...
Halloween Costume Ideas

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Fun & Fast Halloween Costumes

Cereal Killer Costume
Get mini cereal boxes, remove cereal & glue plastic knives into boxes (like stabbing the box) once dry, staple boxes to sweatshirt. Add mask!

Legally Speaking
Print up fake legal documents, wear a suit and pin them to your suit. Now
your a law-suit. Thanks - Christine in B.C.

Pressed for Time - Think Smart
Wear regular clothes, attach Smarties wrapped candies with safety pins to pants and you can be a "Smartie Pants" 
Thanks - Lori
No Sweet P Here!
You can ware jeans but get a white shirt and with paint or a permanent marker make a giant P on your shirt then paint a black circle around one of your eyes and fill it in then you are a Black-eyed Pea or Peas!
Thanks - Tracey

Chicken Cordon Bleau Costume
Wear all blue clothing (it can be as simple as jeans and a tee shirt), then tie the chicken around your neck with authentic clothesline cord.
Wild Bedside Manor
Get one of those cardboard drawers set, cut holes through the bottom, sides (for arms), and top (for head). Afix a lamp to the top (behind your head). "One night stand"
Thanks - Tobina
This one has Staying Power
Pin socks, underwear, bras, etc., to your clothes and dress up as the dreaded "Static Cling." Thanks - Adina
Chick Magnet Costume
For a man, wear all black and attach either small toy yellow chicks or barbie dolls and be a CHICK MAGNET! Thanks - Shannon - Hopedale, MA

Men and Women's Halloween Costumes

Looking for a Halloween costume for your Halloween Party? Well whether you have a month or 2 hours before the party we can help with Halloween Costumes.

We have Halloween costume ideas for those do it yourselfers and we have listed this years hottest Halloween costume trends. View Adult Halloween costumes here and kids Halloween costumes here.

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Pirate CostumeMen's Halloween Costumes
Top Costumes: Star Trek, Optimus Prime, Wolverine, Batman,
Classic Costumes: Pirates, Ganster, Vampire, Firefighter

Other popular themes this year include Michael Jackson and Thriller style costumes, Harry Potter, Twilight, Star Wars.

Women's Halloween CostumesWomen's Halloween Costumes
Top Costumes: Sexy Costumes, Witches, Farah - Charlie's Angels
Classic Costumes: Marilyn, Angel, Pirate Wench, Princess

Other popular themes include Renaissance, Lady Gaga, Wonder Woman, Political Hillary or Sarah Palin, Niecy Nash - Clean House

More Halloween Costumes

Silly Halloween Costumes

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