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Fun Valentines Gifts
You Complete Me Puzzle - Valentines GiftYou Complete Me!
Let them piece this romantic puzzle together or create your own custom puzzle from your favorite photo.

Valentine Webkinz
Valentine Webkinz
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Printable Valentines Games and Activities Printable Games
Printable Valentines Games, Select from Valentines Bingo, Trivia Games... Perfect for all ages!

Heart CookwareHeart Cookware
Surprise your Valentine with Heart shaped muffins, pancakes, mixing bowls, desserts, fondue and more.

Valentine's Day Party Supplies
Valentine Party Supplies
Room decorations, favors, tablecloths, or party supplies you'll find it all here.

Heartwarming Valentine's Day Stories and Gift Ideas
A few years ago Gift Idea Center ask user to send in their most memorable Valentine's Day gifts. The response was overwhelming and we received touching Valentine's stories and wonderful ideas for Valentine's gifts.

We hope by sharing these with you, it will inspire you and help you come up with a unique Valentine's Day gift for the one you love.

Lover's Knot Keepsake Ring
Lover's Knot Ring
Inspiring Soulmate Gift
For Your Soulmate

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Love Blooms
Right after I got engaged a few years ago, I went to buy a dozen roses for my fiancé for Valentine's Day, not realizing how expensive this gesture would be.
Not being able to afford my gift of choice, I decided to buy a dozen packets of seeds so that my fiancé could grow her own flowers. She enjoyed the flowers for several months after Valentine's Day and now expects seeds every year from her sweetheart.
Doug - Ohio
It's Not The Words
The first Valentine gift I received from my hubby was after 10 years of marriage. He can't read or write so he had never bought me a Valentine card, then on our 10th Valentines together he came in with a card and a beautiful velvet box.

He was so proud but when I opened the card it wasn't a Valentine but a Get Well card! I had to make up a few verses up to save his pride and he never found out I did that. I LOVED him more that day then I think one person could love another!
Stephanie - Kentucky
Valentine Treasure
My favorite Valentine story happened about two years ago. My five year old daughter came home from kindergarten saying she hadn't gotten me anything for "LOVE" day. I laughed and told her not to worry about it.

About an hour later she came indoors and handed me a rock. I said what's this, she told me my Valentines present. I took a good look at this rock and she had used fingernail polish and created a beautiful heart with the words "I luv you" on it. I treasure that rock and will forever. That is my most precious Valentine gift ever.
Erica - Michigan
It's The Thought That Counts
We were newlyweds, my husband wanted to get me flowers for Valentine's Day, not real flowers but something that would last.

He got me a huge bouquet of artificial flowers with sand in the bottom and had them delivered to my work, needless to say I was shocked! He was so proud I didn't have the heart to tell him they were flowers that you put on a grave. (I never told him.)
Mamie - Kentucky
Valentine's Day Love NotesFull of Hearts
Last year, I was a little short on cash, so I had to think of something cheap to get me past the Valentines Day. Just as I was becoming desperate, I thought of the perfect gift.

I bought two sheets of red construction paper and cut out a bunch of little hearts. Then I made a hearts and cupids label for a mason jar. Then on each heart I wrote down something that I loved about my fiancé and put it in the jar. A little ribbon and it was the best gift I could have gotten anywhere and she loved it. Like Andy's idea but no time? Check out this Personalized Love Notes or Kisses Jar.
Thanks - Andy from Kentucky

The Smallest Things
On Valentines Day 1967, I received a small package from my then fiancé delivered from Viet Nam. It contained a small red heart pin with the words "Sweetheart" written in gold script on it. I have very proudly and lovingly worn that pin every Valentines day since. It of course has no monetary value but it brings back many sweet memories of our courtship and a marriage that I can happily say is going on 42 years.
Nancy - Michigan
Finer Things in Life
When my husband and I first started dating, we talked about everything, as most new couples do. I told him that I was not a materialistic person, enjoyed the simpler things in life and that sometimes when people do off the wall things, it means more.

I had noted that I would rather have Ravioli by candlelight as opposed to a huge expensive meal, because something like that actually requires thought. Well on our first Valentines together (in 97), he took me to a local restaurant and after ordering our drinks, I was surprise that our waitress came out carrying a tray that had 2 candles and 2 bowls of Chef Boyardee Ravioli!! :)

It was so funny, everyone was staring at us, but we didn't care. He had called ahead and talked the staff there into doing this for him. It was the greatest Valentine's present ever!
Thanks - A friend from Kentucky
A Trail of Kisses
Last Valentine's I bought several bags of red and silver foiled Hershey's kisses. I left them in a trail throughout the apartment for my husband to follow. They lead him to a note saying " Just wanted to kiss the ground you walk on". After he figured out that I didn't just through candy on the floor and leave it, he loved the idea!
Thanks - Holly
Express Your Love For Them
I like to do things different every year for Valentine's Day. I'm not a fan of flowers, candy, or bears. So one year for my husband I went and got a couple of sheets of red, pink, and white posterboard. I wrote out different sayings on each one: Will You Be Mine Scott?, Hugs and Kisses, Happy Valentines Day!

Then I got up real early on Valentine's Day and put a few signs up in our yard with stakes and balloons. I nailed a few around the neighborhood and then took a few up on the highway. My husband loved it. There were so many people who saw them and said something to him about them. He loved it!
Thanks - Tammy from Texas

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