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Valentines Gifts
Photo Lockets - Valentines Gift
Photo Lockets
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Valentine Webkinz
Valentine Teddy Bears
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Valentines Gift - Give a StarGive a Shining Star
Show them they are everything to you, Name a Star after them. The gift to give when they mean the world to you.

Valentine's Day Engagement Stories and Gift Ideas
A few years ago Gift Idea Center ask user to send in their most memorable Valentine's Day engagement stories. Our visitors shared unique ways that thier sweethearts asked, "Will You Marry Me?" on Valentine's Day.

We enjoyed these Valentine engagement stories, we thought it best to share them. If you are planning to ask that special someone to marry you this Valentine's Day, these stories can inspire and help you come up with your own unique engagement memory.

Lover's Knot Keepsake Ring
Lover's Knot Ring
Inspiring Soulmate Gift
For Your Soulmate

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Cracker Jacks
The most unusual gift I ever received on Valentines Day was a box of Cracker Jacks. My husband, which at the time was my boyfriend, had brought me a box of candy, made me some brownies and given me a box of Cracker Jacks.

My niece who at the time was about 4 years old, ask me to please open the box so she could have some. When I opened the box there was an engagement ring stuck right in the top. It was then that I had remembered Jim asking me at one time, what kind of ring I wanted. Since I was not a person that really liked jewelry that much and didn't wear much, I had told him that I didn't care if it came out of a Cracker Jack Box.
Nancy E. - VA
Roses, Roses, Roses
Last Valentines Day, my fiancé' gave me the sweetest gift imaginable. He woke me up that morning with a lovely breakfast and a rose. The rose was not yet fully bloomed, it was a beautiful red, and smelled divine.

As I took the rose to my nose to smell it something tickled my nose. I looked down and pulled out a small ribbon that had been placed inside the rose, the ribbon had small gold printing on it that read: "Happy Valentines Day".

Later that day he gave me another rose this time pink, and yet again it had another ribbon. This one read: "I Love You with all my heart and soul". Throughout the day I was given eight different roses, each one with a special message. The last rose had a ribbon with a diamond ring attached and read: "Will You Marry Me"

Kayla S. - Texas
Valentine Journal
The best Valentine I have received was when my boyfriend gave me a journal on our days together. He included funny stories, special notes and his thoughts about me on that day. He included things I didn't even remember like what I was wearing and more.

Then on Valentine's Day, he gave me the journal and I paged through it. I wanted to read it but he was there so I went to put it down and he said "there's more" so I keep paging through it and on the last page it read, "when I write the story of my life could I include you in it?"

At first, I didn't get it but when he got down on one knee and proposed I was literally swept off my feet.
Sue - Boulder, CO

One Ring, Two Ring
When I was preparing to ask my wife to marry me. I was trying to decide how to ask her. I was being a little devil. I was asking her when she was going to ask me to marry her and teasing her for 2 weeks. It was driving her nuts.

I had purchased 2 rings, one with a nice diamond and another that was black and white and looked like a cow.

I finally took her to a nice eatery to give her rock (COW Ring). I had bought a nice case. It was perfect. I told her I want you to have this. She opened it up and I mean to tell you, I had never seen that expression before or since. She was laughing so hard. I still made her wait another week before I gave her the real diamond. I told her all along, I was waiting for her to ask, but finally I did ask her to marry me.
Frank M. - GA
Candy Box
On Valentine's Day 48 years ago, my boyfriend gave me a pretty red satin heart shaped box of candy. I was thrilled, as I had never received such a gift before.

I was even more thrilled upon opening it and my eyes were drawn to one of the pieces of candy with a sparkle. Imbedded in the top of one of the center pieces of candy was an engagement ring. Joanne S. - Yuba City, CA

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