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Valentine's Day Crafts
Fun and easy Valentine's Day crafts. Now you can make simple and fun Valentines crafts. Our visitors have sent in ideas for turning basic everyday items into Valentine's fun. These are perfect indoor activities.

Just make sure you have all the supplies needed before you begin and then start creating your own Valentine crafts and holiday memories.

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Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids

Scented Valentines

Construction paper, scissors, markers, crayons 
Glue or stapler, cotton balls, perfume

Take 2 pieces of construction paper and cut out 2 very large hearts at the same time. The large the hearts the better. 
Decorate the one side of each Valentine.
Spray perfume on cotton balls. 
Staple or glue around edges of hearts, leaving an opening at the point. 
Stuff the cotton balls inside. 
Seal the opening. 
Use as decoration anywhere!

Valentine Wax Tarts

Materials: Project requires Adult Supervision
Old candles stubs or candle stubs, stove, double boiler
Aluminum pie pan, cookie cutters

Melt candle stubs in a double boiler. (You can also use candle wax and add your own scents)  When the wax is melted, pour into a shallow dish. (I recycle aluminum pie pans for this) When the wax starts to cool, cut out heart shapes using a cookie cutter.  The wax tarts can be heated in potpouri pots to scent a room.

Valentine Wreath

Styrofoam Wreath, red cellophane paper, construction paper (red, pink, white, or any color), Scissors, glue and tape, yarn or ribbon

Take styrofoam wreath and cover with red cellophane paper.
Cut out different sized hearts from the construction paper.
Decorate wreath - you have several options here:
- Tie a ribbon or bow first then place hearts all around the wreath
- Use yarn wrap around the wreath, spacing can vary - the add hearts 
No matter your method have fun and be creative.
Great for the door.

Laced Valentines

Materials: Hole puncher, cardboard - hearts will be cut out of these Shoelaces, colorful ribbon, or lacey ribbon

Cut out heart from cardboard
Write or decorate valentine - (this set optional)
Punch holes around outside edge of heart. 
Weave shoelaces or ribbons through holes.
- Sometimes putting 2 or 3 colorful ribbons is really pretty
Tie ends in a bow.

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Furry Valentines

Cardboard, pencil, craft glue Cotton swab, scissors, yarn - red, pink, and white

Draw a heart shape on cardboard and cut out. 
Spread glue around outside edge of heart with cotton swab. 
Press yarn the length of heart's diameter firmly into glue, following the glue outline around edge. 
Continue laying different colors of yarn side by side on glue outlines, working your way toward center. 
When heart is completely covered, it should reveal a pattern of graduated stripes from red through pink to white making a striking design.

Magic Valentines

Crayons, paperclips, 2 sheets of white paper
Various sizes of paper hearts, tape

Tape hearts on 1 sheet of paper - this will keep them in place
Place 2nd sheet on top and paperclip them together 
Rub the side of the crayon over the surface of the paper. 
Hearts will appear like "magic".
This is really fun for young children.

Valentine Mailbox

Shoe box, construction paper, scissors
Glue, misc. crafts supplies

Take a shoe box, make sure you have the top and bottom.
With scissors make a slot in the middle of the lid of the box.
Cover the shoe box with red construction paper. 
Decorate the box with small hearts, markers, paper scraps, & stickers.
And remember to save a place for your name.

Valentine Candles

Materials: Parental Supervision Required
Paraffin wax, can, saucepan, water, brush, access to a stove
Hearts cut out of construction paper, large candle, Ribbon (optional)
Confetti, stars or hearts work great

Place some paraffin inside a can.
Place water in the saucepan and heat, put can with paraffin in heated water.  
While it is melting, glue hearts to the candle.
Take melted paraffin and brush over construction paper hearts. 
Tie a festive ribbon around base of candle. 
Sprinkle confetti, right after you paint adds nice effect
Thanks - Nicole, Laurel - MD

Valentine Boxes

Heart shaped box - go to craft store should cost $1-4, cardboard or wood,
Brush - for painting and paints or If cardboard box - consider using markers,
Decoration materials - ribbons, mini flowers, star and heart stickers, lace, Glue if needed, Paper to cover the table

Now use your imagination to decorate the box, anything goes.
Once done, place a gift inside and give to your Valentine

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