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Fourth of July
Fireworks Safety
July Fourth
Fourth of July
July 4th Fun
July 4th History
American Flag
Fireworks Safety
July 4th Photo Tips

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July Fourth Fun

Celebrate July 4th
July 4th is summers biggest holiday as the USA celebrates it's
233rd Birthday!

July 4th Party Cooler July 4th Party Cooler
Keep beverages cool in the hot summer sun with this colorful patriotic beverage cooler.

Red, White and Blue Wig Red, White and Blue Wig
Bartenders, street vendors and teens use this fun red, white and blue wig to get attention and celebrate.

Patriotic Music
Find Patriotic music from John Phillip Sousa, The Military Band, Patriotic Country and more with these Patriotic cds and downloads.
July 4th Party Beads Fun Party Beads
Have fun with Patriotic Beads for your 4th of July party. Choose from stars, Flags, solid and twist party beads.

Dog Costume for July FourthJuly 4th Dog Costume
Now even the your dog can show their patriotic spirit with this cute July 4th dog costume.

July 4th Skimmmer HatsPatriotic Skimmer Hats
Perfect for groups walking in parades and individuals showing off your red, white and blue. View all July 4th hats

July 4th Books
Select from new and best selling July 4th books for kids and adults.

July 4th Firework Safety

July 4th is America’s greatest summer holiday, but it is also a holiday that sends over 10,000 people to the hospital every year. Fireworks add excitement and fun to the fourth but they also cause loss of fingers, blindness, loss of hearing, and burns.

4th of July Costumes and Outfits
July 4th Costumes
Patriotic Beverage Holder
Flag Beverage Holder

July 4th Facts & Safety Tips!

Of the 10,000 people injured every year, it is important to know: 
-         60% are firework users and 40% are bystanders  
-         More than 50% of those injured are children  

How many injuries occur:  
-        Bottle Rockets, Fly off into any direction and sometimes into bystanders -        Firecrackers, Explode in the hand, thrown at someone, slow burning fuse -        Sparklers, People touch hot part of sparkler before it cools 

Make sure your 4th is safe by providing adult supervision and making sure that children are not playing with fireworks. Fireworks are not play items or toys, but small explosive devices that should be handled by adults only.

Here are some tips for a safer holiday. 

-       Attend public fireworks displays, they are safer, bigger, and
        community oriented 
-       Purchase fireworks that are legal in your community 
-       Don’t give fireworks to children under the age of 12 
-       Have an adult supervise and be present when using fireworks 
-       Never throw fireworks at people 
-       Purchase from approved sellers 
-       Follow label directions and light one firework at a time 
-       Don’t re-light fireworks that did not go off, let sit then place in  water 
-       Use fireworks outdoor, remove all combustible materials from area 
-       Make sure you do not light fireworks under power lines, wires, or trees
-       Always have a water supply nearby, in case of fire 

Have a Safe and Happy Fourth of July!

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