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Easter Gifts
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Easter Egg Fun!

Plastic Easter Eggs Colorful Easter Eggs
Fun and colorful easter eggs in a variety of colors, sizes and themes. Perfect for an outside Easter egg hunt in warm or cool weather.

Easter Egg Decorating Kits
Find fun and unique Easter egg decorating kits including Disney, Peanuts, Religious, PAAS, Hello Kitty, SpongeBob and more.
Easter Egg Platters Egg Platters
Display your eggs in style with classic, novelty and styling egg platters perfect for Easter and any time of year.

Easter Candy Molds
Make homemade Easter chocolates with egg, bunny and other Easter candy molds.
Chocolate Easter Bunny Chocolate Easter Bunny
Select from a variety of traditional, whimsical, gourmet and novelty chocolate Easter bunnies. Hmm yummy!

Easter Books & Movies
Easter books and dvds can be used to entertain and also teach kids about the fun and importance of the Easter holiday.
Easter Snack Packs
Easter Snack Packs
Shown Popcorn Factory
Find more Easter gift baskets Harry & David, Mrs. Beasleys, Gift Tree

Easter Egg Decorating

Decorating Easter eggs is a holiday tradition that we all remember and finding the eggs during the Easter egg hunt on Sunday is even better.

This year make your Easter eggs even more creative using these Easter egg decorating methods. Use wax, rubber bands and tissue paper to make unique pattern or use natural ingredient to make eco-friendly dyes. Have fun decorating your Easter Eggs.

Personalized Easter Basket
Personalized Easter Basket
Personalized Bunnies
Personalized Bunnies

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Easter Egg Decorating

Create Blown Eggs
Poke a small hole in each end of the egg. Take a skewer or long needle to break the yoke. Hold the egg over a bowl and blow hard through one hole until the egg has exited the shell. Rinse, let dry, decorate. 

Waxed eggs
Need: Wax crayons, paper towels, egg dyes in different colors, slotted spoon 
Directions: Draw a pattern or design with a crayon on hard boiled egg. Dye eggs in desired colors. Then scratch off wax or place in oven around 200 for a few minutes until the wax is melted. You can polish the eggs with cooking oil and soft cloth. 

Use a Sponge to Paint Eggs?
Need: Liquid tempra paint, paper cups, small sponges (cut up a big sponge), 
egg cups 
Directions: Place hard eggs in egg cups. Partially fill paper cups with different colors of tempra paint. Take a sponge and dip into the tempra paint. Then lightly dab the sponge over the top half of the egg. Let dry, then turn the egg over and follow the dabbing procedure. Let the egg dry completely.

Tissue Paper Egg Decorating
Cut bright colored tissue paper into squares. Dip a square into water and mold around egg. Repeat until egg is covered. Let sit for several minutes. Remove tissue paper to reveal a beautiful egg. Thanks - Bobbi, Centralia - Washington

Make Plaid Eggs
Wrap eggs with rubber bands or strips of narrow masking tape before placing them in the dye. Be sure the egg is completely dry before removing the bands.

Tie-Dye Eggs
Make up several colored dyes (strong). Dampen an old clean piece of cloth with water and wrap it around the egg. With an eye dropper, drop spots of different colors of dye on the cloth. Twist the cloth tightly around the egg so the colors blend together. Gently unwrap the egg and let it dry. Jill - Atlanta

Brush on Designs
Use hard boiled eggs. Dribble rubber cement over the egg and let it dry thoroughly, drying will take a few minutes. Dip egg into color and when completely dry, remove rubber cement for a cool swirled pattern. 

Natural Dyed Easter Eggs 

While boiling eggs 
- include red onion skins 
- include yellow onion skins
For a pattern wrap the egg with onion skin, and tuck in to a panty hose to hold it in place than boil 

After boiling, in refrigerator soak hard boiled eggs in 
- cranberry juice 
- pickled beets juice 
- grape juice 

Fun Easter Games and Activities
Easter Games Value Pack
Over 40 Printable Easter Games!
for less than the cost of one game. This is a great way to keep kids entertained while your hiding eggs or a perfect Sunday School activity.

Here is a sampling of games
Easter Picture Bingo
Easter Secret Message
Easter Word Twist
Easter Word Finds
Candy Rhyme Time
- Plus
Easter Bible Trivia
Easter Bible Bingo
Easter Bible Word Puzzle

And there are more! You can purhase just one game or get all of them with the Easter Value Pack!

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