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Fun Christmas Stuff

The Elf on the Shelf
Elf on the Shelf
A fun and unique way for kids to enjoy the holiday season. Elf on the Shelf is a perfect gift to give just after Thanksgiving.

Christmas Stockings
Personalized Christmas Stockings
Nothing is more personal than your Christmas stocking. Large selection of Christmas stocking and easy to personalize.

Personalized Christmas Cards
Personalized Christmas Cards Christmas cards and Holiday party invitations from Tiny Prints

Create Fun Holiday Photos
Christmas Party Photo StandinHoliday Photo Stand In Have a memorable Christmas party with these fun and colorful Holiday stand ins. Great for the office, school and parties.

Christmas Ornaments
Personalized Family OrnamentsPersonalize your own special ornaments, review more on our Christmas ornament page or make your own dough ornaments.

Snow Globes & Music Boxes
Christmas Collectibles
Disney Decorative Christmas Tree Find Christmas Trees, Ornaments, Nativity Sets, Trains and Villages from Kinkade, Disney, Hawthorne, Lenox and more

Christmas Games
Whether for a Holiday classroom activity or party, Christmas Bingo, Word Finds and Trivia games will keep them entertained.
Holiday Movies and Books
Christmas movies like It’s a Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th Street, The Santa Clause and wonderful Christmas books at great prices.
Christmas Party Favors
Choose from snowflake, framed ornaments, holiday mint tins, personalized candy bars, bottle stoppers and other holiday favors.

Thanksgiving Crafts

Fun Thanksgiving craft ideas for kids and families. Have fun and a great Thanksgiving holiday. Have a Thanksgiving craft idea? Send it in and it could show up here!

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Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

Ideas for the Thanksgiving Table

1. Small Indian corn, gourd pumpkins and squashes are great reminders of the fall holidays.  These pieces could be put into a small basket and displayed in the home or even on the buffet table.

2. The week before Thanksgiving, set out a table runner and markers in a central location in the house. Encourage everyone to write a fond memory or sentiment from the current year on the runner, then display the runner at the big feast. Store it until the next year when everyone can add a new round of things for which to be thankful.

3. Making corn-print place mats is a great activity for kids.
Break or cutan uncooked ear of corn into 2-1/2-inch lengths.
Firmly attach plastic corn-cob holders to the ends.
Pour a few shades of fabric paint onto paper plates.
Roll the corn in the paint, then across a cloth place mat.
Repeat, overlapping patterns and hues.
Then set the paint according to the directions.

Pilgram Hat

Materials Needed: 
2 sheets Black (1 extra large piece), white, and yellow construction paper, tape, scissor, glue, white crayon

1. Roll the large piece of black construction paper in a cone shape. The opening at the bottom should be wider than at the top. 
2. Tape in place. 
3. Trim the top and bottom edges of the cone.
4. Cut short slits, close together, into the top and bottom rims of the cone. 
5. Place the larger end of the cone on the other sheet of black paper. 
6. Trace around the cone with the white crayon.
7. Draw a second circle a few inches out from the traced cicle to form a ring.
8. Cut out the ring for the hat's brim.
9. Fold the smaller slit edges of the hat toward the inside to form tabs.
10. Fold the larger slit edges of the hat toward the outside to form tabs. 
11. Cut a circle to fit over the top of the cone.
12. Glue it to the tabs
13. Slip the brim over the the cone and glue it to the bottom tabs
14. Cut a thin strip of white paper, glue it around the hat near the brim.
15. Cut a buckle (square) shape of yellow paper and glue it to the front of the band.

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Pom-Pom Indian Squirrel Pin

Materials needed: 
Ten Tan Pom-Poms; Two 1" diameter, four 1/2" diameter and four 7mm. One 5mm black pom-pom, two 5mm black flat beads, three inches of tan bumb chenille, one acorn, one small craft feather, 35 assorted color seed beads (size 10/0), beading needle and thread, scrap of white craft foam, one 1" long pin back, glue gun and glue sticks, pencil and scissors 

REMEMBER: Adult supervision is needed when using a glue gun!!

1. Glue two large pom-poms together. (Hint: When gluing two large pom-poms together, use fingers to push pom-pom fibers apart before applying glue.)
2. Glue four 1/2" pom-poms to front of body for paws.
3. Glue two 7mm pom-poms touching on front of head for muzzle.
4. Cut teeth (see picture) from scrap of white craft foam and glue under muzzle.
5. Glue black pom-pom against head on top of muzzle for nose. 
6. Glue eyes on each side of head above nose. 
7. Glue two 7mm pom-poms on typo of head.
8. Curl one end of the chenille around the end of a pencil. Glue opposite end of tail to body just above back paw. 
9. Glue pin back vertically down center back of body.
10. Glue acorn between front paws.
11. For headband, string beads on thread and tie ends together in a knot.
12. Glue headband around ears on top of head.
13. Glue feather between ears on back of head.

Clip-on Turkeys

Construction paper, Pencil, Scissors, Yellow pipe cleaners, Glue, Wiggle eyes

1. Make a turkey tail by tracing a child's hand, four fingers, no thumb (any color paper - we made all different colors).
2. Then design a body shape to glue over top of this.
3. Glue wiggle eyes, a wattle; attach colorful feathers on top of the 'fingers' on turkeys' backs; legs out of yellow pipe cleaners (tape those on the back, glue won't hold them on).
4. When finished, glue a wooden clothespin crosswise on the back.

Indian Corn Napkin Holders

Cut cardboard tubes (from paper towels) into 1 inch wide sections. Cut brown felt into 1 inch wide strips. Glue felt pieces on inside and outside of the 1 inch cardboard pieces. Let the glue dry. Dab the back of each kernel of Indian corn with glue. Place the corn kernels on the ring, lining them in rows.

Looking for more check out of Christmas Crafts
A Kid's Favorite is Christmas Dough Ornaments - 4 Recipes!

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