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Worst Mother's Day Gifts
Unique Mother's Day Gifts to Avoid
Terrible Mother's Day Gifts

Better Mother's Day Gifts

Slang Flashcards Keep Mom in the Know
With these fun Slang Flashcards your Mom will have a better idea of what is going on in your world. A fun gift for Mom.

Mother's Day Cruise
Treat your Mom to a delicious Mother's Day brunch, lunch or dinner cruise in NYC, DC, Chicago, San Diego and more cities.
Personalized Photo CollagePersonal Gifts
Give a gift that is part you and part Mom. Check out personalized gifts that are made from your own photos.

Show Her a Good Time
Get tickets to an event they would love
- Play or Musical Tickets - Broadway Series
- Concerts - Select her favorite group - Dinner Theater, Murder Mystery or Comedy Show

Spa Gift BasketSpa Gift Basket
Give a give that helps Mom relax rather than one that asks her to do more work! Check out Spa Gift Baskets now.

Tree-t Her to Eco-Friendly Gift
The Eco-Friendly gift that will keep giving. Plant a tree for her!
Scatter Garden Scatter Garden Kits
Scatter garden kits help create lovely gardens but they also attract butterflies and hummingbirds too.

Welcomed Mother's Day Gifts

Serve Mom Breakfast in Bed
A traditional favorite for families is making breakfast for Mom. Choose Mom's favorite breakfast, add orange juice, toast, and flower or a special breakfast or your own creation and deliver it on a sturdy breakfast tray.
Family or Personal Portrait
Surprise Mom a professional portrait of your family. Your Grandmother would like one too.
Baby Footprint SetNew Mom Gifts
New Mom's will love this moment in time gift that captures babies tiny hands and feet. Select from a various gifts.

Take Time, Not Money
Okay, young and short on cash do something personal or helpful that shows you care.
Here are some ideas:
* Help out by cleaning, dusting, weeding
* Do the dishes, right after dinner
* Wash and wax MOM's car
* Set a good example for your siblings
* Be cooperative, with everyone
* Help repair or paint something

Suprise Visit
Haven't been home in a while? Then go visit Mom; check out travel deals now.

Worst Mother's Day Gifts

You love your Mom don't you? Well, if you do then be sure to avoid the worst Mother's Day gifts we could find unless your has a great sense of humor.
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Fart CD
Fart CD
Novelty Egg Separator
Yikes! - Egg Separator

Top Ten Mother's Day Gifts to Avoid!

1. Cookbooks
Unless Mom said, please buy this cookbook for me, pass on this gift idea
Your Thought - You enjoy cooking so much, you'll love this cookbook
Gift Message - Mom, you cook but you're not very good. Please, take the time to read this book and make us some good food. : )
Better Idea - Buy a cookbook and cook Mom a very speical meal for Mother's day.
2. Pots and Pans
Great if Mom is a gourmet Chef, but otherwise pass on this one.
Your Thought - We love your cooking, so you'll love this gift.
Gift Message - Mom, we know you love spending hours cooking for us every night, so please spend more time cooking so we can waste time doing things we want to do like playing video games.
Better Idea - Look for another gift and if a pan is bad, just switch it out without saying a word.
3. Bath Scale
Your Thought - You are always talking about diet and exercise, Surprise!
Gift Message - You should be on a diet and in the gym more. Here is a gift that adds pressure to every day. :(
Better Idea - Consider offering to workout with your Mom or if she is nervous about looking silly in the gym. Ask her if you could get her a few sessions with personal trainer. Note: Before you buy this gift sit down and say, "I know your health is important to you and I was thinking of getting you a few sessions with a personal trainer, would you like that?" This way you show concern, offer help and let her decide if she wants it. If she declines, then give Mom a big hug and so how long the offer remains available.
4. Skin Care Product that Reduces Wrinkles
Your Thought - Mom is young and should look the way she feels.
Gift Message - Your getting old and wrinkled. Help!
Better Idea - Help Mom deal with stress with a Massage or Spa Gift Basket.

5. Vacuum Cleaner
Your Thought - Mom wants a new vacuum cleaner
Gift Message - You love me so much, all you want me to do is clean up after you.
Better Idea - Give her cleaning coupons, where she can turn them in and you will vacuum for her. Another option is to hire a Maid service to do the cleaning for her!
6. Iron
Your Thought - Mom complains that her current Iron is terrible.
Gift Message - You and your clothes need to look better and while your at it can you iron my shirt.
Better Idea - Dry cleaning gift certificates. This way when she is short on time she can have someone else do the work. Money Saving Tip - By a Coupon Book and you can cut dry cleaning costs by 20 to 50%!
7. Stop Snoring Products
Your Thought - I can finally get a good nights sleep
Gift Message - I snore, I snore! You should trying hear yourself.
Better Idea - Get earplugs for yourself.
8. Buying a Gift that Reflects Your Interest
Your Thought - I enjoy fishing, golfing, etc... so I bought this so you can enjoy it with me.
Gift Message - He puts his interests first and me second.
Better Idea - Find a gift that supports her interests and hobbies and place your interests on the back burner.
9. Self Improvement Products
Your Thought - Reinvent yourself, have fun and get a fresh start.
Gift Message - Simply put "you need help" and you should start to improve yourself. Here is where we suggest you start.
Better Idea - First we suggest another gift, second if she is working on improving her she encourage her to go after her dreams. Just don't force change on her.
10. Buying a Pet You Want
Your Thought - A cute pet will make Mom happy and me happy too.
Gift Message - So cute but who is going to walk, clean and take care of the new pet!
Better Idea - Pet's are wonderful but they should never be a surprise gift. Make sure you family is ready for a pet and that it fits within the family budget.
We hope our list of the Top Ten Worst Mother's Day Gifts brought a smile to your face and helps you find just the right Mother's Day gift!

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